Become A Licensed Massage Therapist

Massage therapy has become a popular medical treatment for a variety of different issues. Therapists can now use different techniques to treat everything from sports injuries to the pain that results from certain types of cancer. More people are seeking this type of therapy causing an increase in demand for registered therapists. What many people do not understand is exactly what it takes to become a registered massage therapist (RMT).


Every individual who wants to work as an RMT must earn a degree from an accredited university within the province where the work will be performed. Many programs require two years to complete although there are four-year programs available as well. The student will have detailed courses in clinical assessment, human anatomy, neurology and pathology. Courses also cover medical ethics, business management and therapeutic topics such as hydrotherapy and kinesiology. Students must pass a test in order to enter one of these schools ensuring that only dedicated and qualified individuals are accepted.

Clinical Hours

Anyone who is seeking to become an RMT must complete a certain number of clinical hours before being granted registration with the governing organization in the province. Clinical hours are measured as the amount of time spent working with a trained RMT in a professional setting actually performing different types of massage on real patients. Most people must acquire at least 150 clinical hours of experience before registration is granted. Clinical requirements are intended to prepare therapists for professional independent work. This time teaches about practical applications of the lessons learned in school and shows some of the unexpected complications that could occur during a session.

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